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FIMMTECH offers several seminars ranging from Material Selection, Part Design, Scientific Molding to Plastic Failure Analysis. These courses are offered as public seminars or can be requested as in-house seminars. Seminars can be customized as per the specific requests provided by individual companies. Following is a list and a brief syllabus of the seminars.

Scientific Processing and Robust Process Development - 4 day Seminar

Location: Distinctive Plastics, 1385 Decision Street, Vista, CA - 92081.
$1395 per person - includes the Book on Scientific Molding, the training binder and lunch for four days.
$1295 per person - excluding the book and as above.
For payment options please call 760-525-9053 or send an email to Suhas@fimmtech.com

ClassRoom Session:

Hands-On Session:

Please send us an email to register or call 760-525-9053 if you would like more info.

Scientific Molding I

Scientific Molding II and Process Validations

Note: The above two seminars are sometimes taught as one course over a period of two days.

Part Design

Material Selection and Failure Analysis

Plastics 101

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