Software Versions

The Nautilus software is available to the users in various versions described below.

Nautilus Standalone Version

The Standalone Version is installed on the local C-drive of the computer and is accessible to anyone who has access to the computer.

Nautilus Concurrent Version

A license manager is installed on a server. The software is then installed on as many number of computers desired. However the number of users who can access the program at one given time will be equal to the number of licenses purchased. For example, if a company purchases five licenses then at a given time any five users can access the program. If another person needs access, then one of the other five must log out in order for another person to be able to log in. In this version of the software, the database resides on the server and all the users will access the same data.

Multi Location Usage of the Software

The software can be used from multiple geographical locations. However, please note in such a case,

  • All the installations will be accessing the same database and
  • All the concurrent installations will be logging in through a common license manager.
  • One can have a standalone license also access the same database.
  • The connections to the database must be robust with good broadband connection speeds
  • The server can be your own server or can be a cloud based server.

Nautilus Free Version

All the 6-Step Studies (Scientific Molding Studies) can be done using this version. Several tools are also available. Please note that all the studies must be exported as MS Excel files and then saved. The DOE module is not available in this module. For more information and to request your free copy click here.

All of the above versions are available in Spanish. Please refer to the Spanish version of this website for more information.

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