Consulting and R&D

Robust Process Development and Scientific ProcessThe team at FimmTech has varied experience from Part Design to Material Selection to Process Development to Assembly and beyond. FIMMTECH provides consulting services in all areas of ‘Art to Part’. Our approach includes fully understanding your unique needs and circumstances, thereby, providing solutions that are right for you and fit within the scope of work required.

Troubleshooting of molding issues has been a major portion of the consulting portfolio. One of the customers was having issues with broken latches in an assembly and was having his molder constantly adjust the process with no success. The number of rejects was increasing, and they decided to get the FimmTech team involved. We analyzed the issues and found it was a combination of the part design, the mold and the molding process. The parts now are produced with zero defects.

Two R&D projects that have been not just eye openers but the most helpful have been the ‘Material Overdrying’ study and the Mold Venting study. Papers have been published on these and to date are the most requested topics for talks, webinars and white paper requests. You can request your copy from here (add link to free resources page). The overdrying project (unfortunately not patented) but has made equipment settings controls better for several dryer manufacturers. The study was focused on PBT and Nylon and showed how over exposure to drying times can be detrimental to the properties of the plastic. Previous to this study, there was no ‘Max drying time’ or ‘Cumulative drying time’ on the datasheets of the resins. Now these are commonly seen of the data sheets and this was researched by FimmTech.

Vents in Injection Molds are a must for the air to evacuate and the plastic to fill the cavity. Mold makers are hesitant to add deep vents to prevent flash (rightfully so) but the processor wants the deepest vents for a robust process. This fine balance was found by the data published by the use of a Vent Mold.