Software Configurations, Versions, Release Number and Database Type

It is Confusing! Please Read!!

The Nautilus software is classified into Configurations, Versions, Release Numbers and Database Type

A Configuration is the type of access the user has to the software – Standalone and Network

A Version is how many of the features does the user have access to – Nautilus Elements and Nautilus Pro.

A Release Number: are the different releases as and when the software is updated with new features and bug fixes. It is always recommended to use the latest version of the software. The current release number is 8.26

Database Type: The default database that we ship with the software is an MS Access database. We also offer an SQL database version for a faster and more stable access across locations and/or networks.

In summary:
: Standalone and Network
Versions: Elements and Pro
Release Numbers: Latest Release is 8.26
Database Versions: MS Access and SQL

Following are the descriptions:

Standalone Configuration
The standalone configuration is installed and registered on the local C-drive of the computer and is accessible to anyone who has access to the computer. The database can be local on the C-drive or placed on the network server. (It is always recommended to have the database on the network server.)

Nautilus Network (See image below).
The number of people who can use the software at a given time will depend on the seats purchased. The database will always be on the server. A license manager on the server checks for the number of users logged in and grants access to the available licenses.

A license manager is installed on a server. The software is then installed on as many number of computers desired. However the number of users who can access the program at one given time will be equal to the number of licenses purchased. For example, if a company purchases five licenses then at a given time any five users can access the program. If another person needs access, then one of the other five must log out in order for another person to be able to log in. In this version of the software, the database resides on the server and all the users will access the same data.

Multi Location Usage of the Software:
The software can be used from multiple geographical locations. However, please note in such a case,

  • All the installations will be accessing the same database and
  • All the network installations will be logging in through a common license manager.
  • One can have a standalone license also access the same database.
  • The connections to the database must be robust with good broadband connection speeds
  • The server can be your own server or can be a cloud based server.

Nautilus Versions

The versions are compared in the table below.




Cost No Cost Send Request
6-Step Study / Scientific Molding Studies Yes Yes
Save files in a database Yes Yes
Molding Calculation Tools (info button) Yes Yes
Mold Database Yes Yes
Machine Database No Yes
Material Database No Yes
Mold – Machine Compatibility No Yes
Process – Machine Compatibility No Yes
Process Sheet Generator based on established process No Yes
Melt Preparation Study Worksheets No Yes
Design of Experiments No Yes
Documentation No Yes
Equipment Qualification Worksheets No Yes
User levels No Yes
Units Management No Yes

Release Versions

The current Release Version is 8.26.
This was an upgrade from 8.12

Please send us an email with any questions.