Robust Process Development and scientific MoldingNAUTILUS is a Process Development and Mold Qualification Software, designed to help molders develop robust molding processes that will guarantee the production of parts molded to specifications. The software is developed based on the techniques of Scientific Molding (SIM) and Design of Experiments (DOE). FimmTech has developed custom algorithms for the DOE module and provides a user with a ‘no experience necessary’ 4 click to analysis DOE module providing results and data to demonstrate what can and/or cannot be dimensionally achieved. Typical DOE experiments can take less that 3 to 4 hours which is unfathomable to some in the industry. The software was developed based on the DOEs that its creator Suhas Kulkarni has been performing since the year 1995.

Here is what an irrigation company said about the software
‘We were going to build a duplicate mold because we could not get the cycle time down to keep up with demand. We performed one single 8-hour SIM study and DOE. The software was able to give us a process with a lower cycle time with one small adjustment in the mold steel dimension. After this was done, we were also able to not just reduce but eliminate some inspection. In all we saved about $100,000 with just one DOE. The software payed for itself several times over’

Establishing the process with the help of the software provides a data driven approach eliminating trial and error, which saves time and money, reduces mold trial iterations leading to faster process validations.

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