FIMMTECH Certification Program

Our 4-Day Scientific Processing and Robust Process Development seminar now coincides with an optional certification program. We intend this training and education in injection molding to specifically be for processing personnel who need to develop a robust molding process. We provide foundational training, working very closely with our customers. The details are as follows:

Each program will have:

  • Individual modules (described below)
  • For each module, there will be two-hour online written test
  • A take home project which will reinforce all the concepts taught in the class

We are unique from other certificate programs in that we are the first to administer a take-home project. Attendees who want an injection molding certification will take an online test of about 10-12 hours, in total, and also submit a full process development project. The project involves gathering all the necessary documents, performing the calculations, developing a process development exercise, and submitting the recommendations. Seminar attendees have six weeks to finish the exam and the project. The six weeks gives enough time for the user to digest and apply all that was taught during the seminar.

FimmTech Scientific Process Engineering Certificate

  1. Math and Quality Concepts for Processors
  2. Plastic Material Fundamentals for Processing
  3. Machine, Mold, Part Design Fundamentals for Processing
  4. Robust Process Development 1 – The Cosmetic Molding Process, The 6-Step Study
  5. Robust Process Development 2 – The Dimensional Molding Process, Design of Experiments
  6. Robust Process Development Project