Book Testimonials

What people are saying about the book

To respect the privacy of the people who commented on the book, I have only included their initials and the type of company they work for. I will be happy to put anyone with a doubt in touch with any of the people who were kind enough to send me these comments.

“I have recently read you book and enjoyed it greatly; you have a great talent for conveying information concisely and succinctly.”
– D B, Director of Engineering, Medical Device Manufacturer

“Suhas, I carry your book as a ready reference book to all my molding trials.”
– Molding Consultant, UK

“I have gone through the book and found it to be a bible for Scientific molding . Thank you very much! It is awesome.”
– SB, Manager, Contract Manufacturer

“I finally read your book. I loved it. I wish I had done so the day it was released.”
– DG, Operations manager, HKP.