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Name of the App: Scientific Molding

The users can Generate Scientific Molding Graphs, Perform Molding Calculations and keep their knowledge up to date with the Learning Center. This App will help you to:

  1. Generate the 6 Scientific Molding Graphs
    1. Viscosity Study
    2. Cavity Balance Study
    3. Pressure Drop Study
    4. Cosmetic Process Window
    5. Gate Seal Study
    6. Cooling Study
  2. Perform Molding Calculations
    1. Tonnage Calculations
    2. Estimate Shot Sizes
    3. Calculate Residence Times
    4. Calculate % Shot Size Used
    5. Calculate Hopper Dryer Sizes
    6. Calculate the process parameters on a new machine
    7. Water Flow Tables
  3. Access a Learning Center to learn about:
    1. Scientific Molding and Scientific Processing
    2. Polymers and Plastics
    3. Basics of Injection Molding
    4. Injection Molding Parameters
    5. 6-Step Study (the Scientific Molding Studies)
    6. Design of Experiments
    7. Molding Defects and their Solutions


See More Screen Shots and try out the app by visiting the App Store! We will be adding new features in future releases.